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So, got a big idea, huh? First tip: just stop dreaming about the VC’s who fight for your concept and all the fancy things. Probably that is the biggest misconception of a startup world. Don’t get us wrong, ideas are great, generate them! But do not forget, that great startups do not build by itself. So buckle up and here is the ultimate startup’s growth hacking guide part I!

The harsh beginning of a startup’s growth hacking

Well, as we told earlier, the big idea is not enough for a thriving startup. And for the start: what is the startup. There is a misconception in society that startups are just a nice playground for big boys and girls where you create some mobile mumbo-jumbo, create a cool workspace, immediately get a ton of investments and enjoy your prosperous life. Well, sad news, this sphere is way more complicated than you have imagined. Startup’s growth hacking starts with finding the right co-founder. No doubt, it is much easier to make it live when you work with a like-minded partner. The right chemistry between you both will help to make the right decisions when designing your roadmap.Also, test your idea properly. Nobody needs an idea that is worthless. Yes, we know that you believe your idea to death, but the bitter truth is better than sweet lie. We recommend avoiding so-called ‘mom tests’. Your peers would try to not hurt your feelings and probably tell you that your idea is the new Facebook. And those opinions can stop your startup’s growth hacking. Just invest your time in organizing a poll to random people and get their opinion. If your idea sucks they would not lie. There are various communities such as Reddit. Take advantage of it and get tips on how to reshape your idea.

Real danger lives in academia…

One more thing, if you study in business school forget about all the things that you heard. From our experience, writing all those business plans and financial projections. Maybe it worked twenty years ago when you tried to launch your new fast-food chain. These days things have changed, financial projections are obsolete shit which you need to change almost every time while pitching your product. The most important thing for the startup nowadays is the MVP. Just create a working, nice prototype. It does not need to be perfect but with this thing, you can prove to investors that your idea is possible to make. So long story short your startup’s growth hacking really depends on good MVP. If you are not a coder there is a problem. As we know, most of today’s products are technology-based and require a lot of coding. But also there is a solution. There are tools on the market such as proto.io or figma.com which let you craft a beautiful prototype that feels real. WITHOUT A SINGLE LINE OF CODE. Yes, you heard that right. So if you and your partner are not code-savvy this could be a perfect solution to prepare for your first pitch for VC’s. 

Manual labor for startup’s growth hacking

So as you know your app will do some kind of process. And from our experience, we suggest developing the processes manually first. This thing would also be a test for your idea’s viability. Before automating everything your idea’s manual workflow need to be perfect. And if your idea is not working 100% manually then think again about raising money. As we mentioned, startup’s growth hacking starts with MVP, not some fancy papers. Also worth to mention, that all the tasks and processes should be documented. Does not matter if it is a marketing, business development or financial task. As you can imagine at the beginning you and your partner will perform all the tasks. Simply there wouldn’t be any funds to hire some staff. And when the day comes and you will hire someone to help you can pass them these documents. It would prevent chaos and will ease their onboarding process since all the manuals for the tasks will be provided. We know that this job is not the most pleasurable, but believe us, you will feel the relief when new employees will start to perform 100% since day one. Remember, tremendously good staff is the secret of startup’s growth hacking!


A lot of things left untold in this article. Well, that is because there are too many of them. But do not feel upset we will provide more of these tips, tricks, and hacks in part II. So summarizing everything first we recommend finding a like-minded person to collab with. Then when your idea is clear do not dive into all the papers, focus on MVP. And secondly, PROCESSES. Invest your time in crafting them manually before going live to digital and document them heartily. So there are our two cents for startup’s growth hacking. Stay tuned!

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