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Many people perceive their job as only a money-making platform. There is this notion that a job shouldn’t be something that brings you joy – instead, you do what is recognised to be your duty and leave home. Rinse and repeat.

Why can’t one turn it into something enjoyable? This is embedded in our roots. Meaning, simply doing a job that brings you food on your table. Maybe this is a way of life that works for some people. Sometimes it is great to be able to forget about your job duties after it hits 5 pm. It all depends on your needs and wishes.

Our mission is to change that. We aim to bring people and startups together in order to create a perfect job and life balance. 

What Is That So-Called Dream Job?

What could be your dream job depends on the stage and route of your life. For some, it is a career that they want to pursue due to the knowledge developed over the years, for others, it can be something that they have dreamed of in their childhood or young adulthood. There is an interesting paper on the latter. 

TollFreeForwarding.com have surveyed 2,000 adult Americans. Talked about their aims and ambitions when they were growing up and found out how many of them made it when it came to adulthood.

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They have found out that 76% that never made it, some portion of the people it has stayed simply the dream that they have deliberately decided not to pursue. But surprisingly, over a third (39%) say they regret not persevering their goals further. When asked what they think the most significant circumstance is to never achieve their childhood dreams, 34% stated that they simply “don’t have the required skill set or knowledge”. Other relevant factors included “financial constraints”, which 16% of respondents chose, and “I prioritized raising a family” (10%). The latter was much more popular among women, with 14% selecting it compared to just 3% of men.

We doubt that for a bit older generation, a startup career could have been your dream job when you were thinking about it during childhood. But we wouldn’t be surprised, that something like becoming an entrepreneur, is brewing in the brains of the younger generation nowadays.

Why a startup could be a perfect job for you?

Startups Develop A Caring Remote Culture

Now, due to the elephant in the room, almost are used to working from home. Not used to it per se, but at least know the taste of it. 

But besides the current situation, a lot of startups have employees from all around the world, it is only natural to develop remote work culture.

Or in some cases it is due to this:

Dream job

That could be the reality, but jokes aside, but today we are not focusing on a one-man-startups. 

Now that most professionals can and have the know-how when working from home, workers expect the option to stay in when they need to take care of things around the house or sometimes simply to boost their productivity. That help can be perceived as the comfort when it comes to providing your staff with good tools.

Let’s look at a company called Buffer as an example. They help remote employees with laptops, free books and an opportunity to join the team for an annual international getaway. Of course, not every company can afford to fly their team for a cheeky holiday, but most companies can afford to try and make remote work at least a bit more comfortable. All you need to do is to ask your employees what they need. Simple. And don’t be afraid that they might be asking for a huge deal. Don’t you worry, you are not a Santa and always can say no to unreasonable requests. Jokes aside, for some people, simply a new chair or a second monitor could make a big difference.

In some cases, there is no need to provide your staff with tech or other physical objects. Some of them need motivation and updates to feel the flow of the company. Yes, for the most, it is a well-known fact, although some of the companies tend to forget about the ones that are staying at home. Not in the way that they are free of duties, but no one really asks how they are doing and what is the progress. Small updates and assurance that your employee is feeling motivated can work like a charm.

Startups Give You A Chance To Be A Part Of Something Meaningful

Yes, it sounds a bit hippy-like, but a lot of startups focus on making the impact or in some way (even a tiny bit) to improve your day-to-day life. 

“Our focus is to make an impact. Our company choose customers that we can help in the biggest way and take it very seriously. We work on internal projects that could help find a cure for cancer. Our recent hires want to be a part of that type of culture.”

Historic Cattaraugus Corporation

We are not saying that only startups focus on making an impact. Far from it. It is just startups as a rule are more passion-driven and have that cute and naive tendency to be willing to save the world. Yes, there are entrepreneurs who are focusing only on the money aspect but you can’t build a company solely on the wish to become rich. You either need a really good strategy of how to actually become rich or be driven by the idea and the money will follow.

Startups Are Very Cool

“In a less-competitive business locale, people are happy to work for a cool and growing business, especially when they feel as if they are part of a group really making a difference in the world. We receive numerous awards and land major press. AcousticSheep employees are able to routinely brag to family and friends about their really great company, especially when they show up on TV.”

AcousticSheep LLC

It is not the most important aspect of why one should work at a startup but it is amazing when you can proudly say that you work at a company that is cool and that you love. Not because of its famous name but simply because you think that the value that your company adds to this planet is cool and meaningful.

Startups Give You Voice

“Employees at goBRANDgo! are given lots of perks (unlimited PTO, flex time, retreats, catered lunches, etc.), but none of them is as valuable as the ability to influence positive change on how their role and the company as a whole is executed. The promise of autonomy and having an impactful voice is a magnet for employees who are entrepreneurially-minded.”


Startup is a dream job because good and hard work will get noticed here. And, of course, at the same time, your boss is going to notice if you are slacking off or you’ve done something wrong. Apart from getting noticed, you will have a power of decision making. The ideas that you have been holding locked up in your brain now can be unleashed and set free. Maybe even fulfilled if everything will go right. But the most important thing is the freedom of saying things out loud that you think are important. 

Startups Have An Excellent Company Culture

“Besides traditional benefits and perks, a big reason employees chose my company is because of our culture. I make sure to let potential employees know that we will value them for their diversity and individuality, and prize them for their unique skills while allowing them to flourish. This attracts happy and motivated employees who are interested in more than a paycheck.”

LexION Capital

Being agile and innovative should be important to every business, big or small. The most obvious obstacles standing in the way of growth and innovation are related to the company culture. 

Startups are usually very small so the company culture has a huge effect on each and every single one of the individuals. It is almost like a flat-sharing experience. You can’t live with any random stranger from the street. You need someone you can trust, feel comfortable with and find a way to improve the quality of your life.

We think that startup can be a dream job because they approach ideas from a different angle and that makes them more agile. They create a more organic company culture that keeps on growing, hire people who share the same values and don’t limit themselves with a rigid structure.

Startups offer you benefits that actually matter

We know we know, we have previously uncovered the benefits of startups but then we were focusing more on the economical benefits rather than personal. This time we are going to focus on you. 

So what are the benefits that startups can offer You?

Startups Can Offer You Practical Benefits

The life of an adult is not easy even for the most “professional adults” out there. Sometimes here is a crazy flood of work that keeps the employees from having time to consider their basic needs at work. Some of the startups lighten some of that stress by offering practical perks in the office, such as free food, gym equipment, laundry and on-site quiet rooms. Apparently, the on-site quiet rooms can help employees to reduce stress levels and stay productive in the face of super busy days. The Society for Human Resource Management’s 2019 Employee Benefits Survey states that the number of companies offering quiet rooms rose 21 per cent last year.

Startups Can Give You Paid Paid Vacation

Yes, you have read it right. Double paid. Woohooo!

More and more startups started employing an unlimited vacation policy. This would seem like the best hook to find employees, right? You can lure employees who fantasize about travelling around Asia, taking another few weeks off during the holiday period and don’t forget about that mid-winter trip to a beach. In reality, of course, that’s not how the unlimited vacation policies work.

There are cases when employees actually take even less holiday when it is unlimited. Crazy, right? If there is no way to track the balance, you might leave your staff feeling guilty about taking time off work. Some employers might be rubbing their hands together and thinking, “Great! That’s the kind of dedication I want to see from my employees!” But when you think about it, time off work is crucial: companies should want their employees to come back revived, inspired and more productive.

Some startup companies are not only offering employees ample paid time off but also paying them to take it. A Denver-based company called FullContact offers its employees $7,500 to take a vacation. Seems very crazy. They only have two requirements. You are not allowed to take part in any work activities during this period, and they actually have to go on an actual vacation.

“If people know they will be disconnecting and going off the grid for an extended period of time, they might actually keep that in mind as they help build the company.”

Co-founder and CEO Bart Lorang

There are way too many companies, where employees feel like they don’t have time to take time off. By showing them the initiative, companies are giving clear go-ahead and mitigating the likelihood of burnout.

Does it sound like something you would enjoy? Being able to do impact? Be part of a change and do what you love? Become part of the dream team!

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