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This week, we want you to see how the idea of Kloogo has transformed into a fully functioning startup. The goal of this blog is not to boast or convince young and naive people that creating your startup is an easy thing to do. No. It has been one long and bumpy ride. Our goal is, to be honest, and show any aspiring entrepreneur that yes, it is hard but possible. No matter if you have any experience or don’t. So we are going to share our experience on how to build your startup.

OK, enough of self-explanation. Let’s dive into the story.

The moment when startup seed got planted

It all started at a business university. The future co-founders of Kloogo Justas and Ainis have met by a pure accident in a university dorm. They both have come to that business university willing to learn how to start a business from scratch. Actually, it was the main selling point of the university – a promise to teach their students how to build your startup and be your own boss. Well, that only stayed a promise. All the university provided was an old school way of building a business. You know, writing an idea, then a business plan, pitch it to investors, getting money and then and only then starting your business. 

It doesn’t sound like a ground where a startup could be born, right? The other adverse aspect of the university was that there were no proactive people and the idea to build your startup was nowhere to find. That is why that accidental meeting was salvation for each other. They were both overflowing with great ideas and want to start something that would help them to move forward. It was a crucial day as they shook their hands and promised each other to start building a great startup together. 

The beginning of Kloogo startup

The idea of Kloogo didn’t come first. Far from it. Neither of them had any experience, so it all started from blind shooting in the dark. Both of them were interested in Blockchain and wanted to build something around that. But they had no clue what to do and how to do it. They were in need to find a co-founder or any more skilled team member, but it was more troublesome than they have expected. No one was willing to work with them. All people that they have contacted wanted assurance or salary. 

Justas and Ainis started doing their research on how and where to find team members and found nothing. Well, that is not entirely true. While doing their research, they have come across some mind-blowing statistics that we have mentioned in one of our previous blogs on building a startup from scratch.

We know that startups fail. They fail hard and fail very often. But the main discovery for Ainis and Justas was the reason behind that failure. The third reason is the team. Something that they were struggling with and failing to find.

It was the moment when they have realised what they have to do. Help people find the right team and change these statistics significantly. So the idea of Kloogo (Clue go) was born.

The tough road of entrepreneurship

Ainis and Justas finally had an idea for a startup – make the hiring process more efficient and less soul-draining, but they were lacking the know-how and to be fair, experience. They started their trip with two crucial mistakes.

Wasting time on bureaucracy

Can you guess where they started? At a business plan. They were sitting and writing for long weeks, hoping that 32 pages long business plan somehow is the key to a functioning startup. Well, that is not the case. Yes, you need to know the direction you should be going, know the market and all, but writing a scientific document on your product is not the way.

The other mistake was being pushy

Like a lot of young entrepreneurs, all they wanted was to finish the product and sell it. Sounds sort of reasonable, right? No. They have skipped quite a few crucial steps. Knowing your market and testing it is a must. Not only that, but had no clue how to reach the market, or in other words, go to market strategy. Now they see it as one of the main mistakes that they have done. Justas and Ainis were focusing on building the Kloogo APP without knowing what would a potential job seeker want. But they have finalised the product, or at least they have thought so, and they had their first failure. It didn’t pass the crowd test. You know, when you were thinking THIS IS IT, we are going to be rich. But all you get is a slap in the face for being too naive. And they have learned a crucial lesson – fail a lot. Test millions of times, keep failing but do it fast. Ask your potential customer if they need it, what and how the product has to be changed. They know it! If there is no market for your idea, drop it and think of something else. You can’t keep on pushing and forcing your “potential customer” to like it. It is a waste of time.

The point when it feels like it is finally working!

As you’ve might have gathered, Kloogo is a hiring tool. And when you think about it, how the two young entrepreneurs could know how to hire people and what kind of person is the right one? 

Experience and knowledge came through the need. They had to hire people for their startup company and learn from their trial and error.

Motivation is the key

They have learned that the main focusing point when hiring a person for a startup must be motivation and willingness to learn. You future employees will learn new skills and acquire knowledge. The motivation is the hard part, especially if the only motive to work is cash. 

People who ask about payment or benefits straight away are never a good match. Justas and Ainis were calling tons of people, hiring and firing them. After weeding out a bunch of candidates, only then they have found the core team who was willing to move forward with them. 

During this process, they have realised the importance of the work trial period. People’s motivation drop after two months, especially if they are part of a startup which can’t pay them yet. Maintaining startup and pushing it forward is always very challenging, everything never moves that smoothly, as one might expect at first.

Don’t waste time

Sometimes it feels like the whole startup keeps getting stuck. The team you have brought with yourself have to withstand everything and do not lose their motive and passion. So you should always hire slow and fire fast. You can’t afford to have someone who would poison the atmosphere of the startup. We are not saying that a brief lack of motivation is poisonous, no, we are saying that in the case when motivation can’t get recovered, you should consider finding other people who would not bring the tonus of the whole team down.

The advice from the co-founders of Kloogo

Starting anything yourself is never easy, especially when it as a startup business. A startup is a unique business concept because there are no clear guidelines on how and where to start. It depends on how many people you start with, what is your capital, how much experience you have, etc. You must look at a startup in the most creative way possible and look for unusual angles how it can work and grow. 

That’s why we are going to finish the blog with the advice that Ainis and Justas have to share. It doesn’t matter if you are starting freshly or you have some sort of experience, you might find their insights useful. 

Advice number 1:

Thomas Edison failed 1000 times before successfully inventing the prototype of the light bulb. You are going to slip a lot. But do not give up. If you are doing something that you love, sooner or later you will succeed. 

Advice number 2:

It will often feel like there is no way out of the situation. In that case, stop, relax and rethink. Only when you manage to find time to step back and think about a problem from a different angle, you will be able to find the answer. Do not overwork yourself and find harmony in your life. You need to rest, have fun and, of course, work. You will be more productive if you will have time for yourself.

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